Available in 9 Languages: COVID-19 Letter Template

TransACT ParentNotices provides a free public resource to support school districts in keeping our communities informed, healthy, and safe. This letter template, developed by a team of federal programs administrators, parents, and teachers from across the country, helps educators provide important information for engaging with their child's education during the COVID-19 pandemic.
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This free COVID-19 letter template helps parents understand how to: 
• Social distance during in-person interactions at school
• Avoid becoming sick and avoiding spreading COVID-19
• Conduct a home health screening
• Obtain assistance with childcare
• Communicate with schools when difficulties arise with
  distance or virtual learning
• Receive support for accessing software for online learning
  1. Available today:  COVID-19 Letter Template in Arabic, Burmese, Chinese, English, Karen, Marshallese, Somali, Spanish, and Vietnamese
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TransACT has been providing Civil Rights compliant notifications in multiple languages for K-12 systems for over 24 years. Join 10+ State Departments of Education and over 6,500 school districts by providing district-wide access to a parent engagement resource center that is mobile-friendly, facilitates districts' compliance with ESSA and Civil Rights, and is available in your priority languages. 

For more information about how TransACT Parent Notices helps your district meet Civil Rights and ESSA requirements for Parent and Family Engagement, request more information here

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"TransACT provides the highest quality documents with multiple language translations to choose from for our school district. In addition, TransACT provides excellent training videos to help me stay informed so that I can keep my EL Program compliant with the law."
Terri Tipton
EL Coordinator, Limestone County Schools, AL
"I’m going to do things the right way, I’m not going to cut corners. I want it to be right and I want it to be good, and that’s what I get with TransACT. Its the most important money I spend every year. I can't afford not to have it."
Dan Schlafer
Former Federal Programs Director