ESSA went into full implementation last school-year. This year, districts are preparing for state monitoring visits regarding ESSA Compliance.

ESSA Compliance Resources

Parent and Family Engagement requirements changed on July 1, 2017 when ESSA went into effect.
Save money and reach compliance quickly with a solution that includes:


Legally-required documents

School-to-home communication that is required by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act (ESEA) and it's amendments, even during the transition to ESSA.


Expertly translated notifications

Parent notices, forms and letters that are translated by certified translators in priority languages to meet your legal responsibility to communicate. 


TransACT® RoadMaps: A guide to parent notices

Intuitive, online question and answer guides to help you and your team determine when to send required parent notices. Built for federal compliance with opportunities to customize for your state's needs.


Unlimited-use license

No limit on the number of users or on document downloads with online access anytime, anywhere for all school, district, or state personnel.

Guidance on Funding

We are a sole source provider, and understand the complexity of paying for services with your grants. We can help you understand funding options for your programs.


General Funds
(State and Local)


Title I Funding


Title III Funding

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Communication you can count on

  • Distribute federally required documents that have been legally reviewed
  • Ensure consistent messaging from all schools in your district
  • Access evidence of implementation for a monitoring visit
  • Save thousands of dollars over the cost of writing and translating on your own
  • Access to expertise, guidance and support for parent communication


“TransACT helps our districts provide communication to our English Learner parents. The parent notifications are easy-to-use and TransACT is pivotal in helping Oregon schools, districts, and the state meet federal requirements.” Read more about Kim's experience here

Kim Miller, Oregon Department of Education, Federal Systems & Education Program Specialist

“In my decade as a Federal Programs Director in Tennessee, the best money I spend each year, other that the salaries of the wonderful people who impact the lives of our children, is my TransACT subscription.  I'm assured that by integrating the forms they generate, my school system is in complete compliance and current with every law that impacts our program.I can't imagine life in my world without TransACT!” Read more about Dan's experience here

Dan Schlafer, Federal Programs Director, Cumberland County, TN

“Our English language learner population represents over 40 world languages from 68 countries.  TransAct is our “go to” source for parent notices!  Translations are offered in various languages and are easily accessible for teachers and staff.  If specific documents need to be customized for your organization, TransACT provides a competitive quote and a quick turnaround.  Additionally, our teachers enjoy the free webinars and the ability to chat with a TransAct representative in the event that technical assistance is required.”

Melissa D. Westbury, MHR, ESOL Coordinator

“TransAct is a lifesaver for our district!  Wilson County Schools has partnered with TransAct over 10 years and we couldn’t function without this amazing service.  The legally reviewed forms are beneficial for every department including Title I, ESL, Special Education, Health/Nutrition, etc.  The employees at TransAct are very personable and always willing to help with our needs.  We LOVE the EduPortal page where we can upload our own documents that we have had translated and are specific to our district.  It’s so handy to have those documents in a place with easy access for all.   The webinars and updates are especially helpful, most importantly during the transition to ESSA.  Thank you, TransAct!!!”

Julie M. Harrison, Federal Projects Supervisor, Wilson County Schools

“Our school district has been a customer of TransACT for several years. TransACT’s expertise in providing parent notifications, and in many translations, that are in compliance with federal regulations is excellent. I am always confident that the parent notifications provided by TransACT absolutely meet the requirements of NCLB, and I am equally as confident that their parent notifications will meet the requirements of the recently passed ESSA.

"Just as impressive as TransACT’s notifications, is their customer service. Their customer service representatives are not only always willing to help with any questions or concerns, but they offer and encourage training in helping us be familiar with the vast library of resources that are available to us. (Their online training is free with our subscription.) Another great aspect of using TransACT is that everything is web-based. TransAct is an outstanding partner in helping us meet the ever-changing requirements of federally funded programs.”

Gary Holt, Title I Coordinator, Cocke County School System, TN

“Families of English Language Learners rely on districts to understand the importance of sending school information home in a language that they can understand. TransAct has made it possible for us by providing critical documents and forms in more than 20 languages! Our administrators, teachers, and staff WANT to communicate to their families in a way so they understand and can participate in their students’ educational experiences. TransAct has allowed them to do just that!”

Liliya Stefoglo, Tukwila School District, WA

“TransACT has been an effective tool used by our school district and Title I campuses. The customized tools created by TransACT have significantly improved our way in communicating with parents and staff, most importantly, in providing accurate  information that is federally required in multiple languages. Their Customer Care service is exceptional, they always follow up with their customers to see how they can assist or improve their product to address the customer's need. We have been extremely pleased with TransACT's service and product and plan to continue using their resources. Our department has definitely seen an increase of efficiency when it came to the collection of NCLB documentation.”

Rolando Salinas, Eagle Pass Independent School District – TX

“Since 2003, our subscription to the Transact GenEd Translation e-Library has always provided EL teachers and school staff with resources at the ready to communicate vital information to our parents of non-English background students. Now, with the Title III & General English Learner Collection, we have an even more defined set of documents to ensure compliance with requirements of OCR and ESEA to reach many of these parents in their preferred languages. When we use the Transact invitation to a parent-teacher conference or notification of program placement, for examples, we have confidence that the exact same message is reaching the parent in Arabic as it is the parent in Vietnamese. In short, Transact gives us back the time, effort, and resources we would need to expend to create and continuously update anything similar on our own.”

Joseph Whinery, ESL Supervisor, Williamson County Schools

“TransACT translated document library has been a tremendous resource for language access and parent communication in our school system. Specifically, the availability of communiqués in less commonly represented languages has been pivotal to support outreach and engagement. School staff frequently commented positively on the accessibility and applicability of the translated documents and forms.”

Jennifer Love, Prince George’s County, Parent Involvement Specialist

“As a small district, we have relied on Transact to provide program specific (Title I and Title III/ESOL) communication for our families. Having access to required documents in several languages allows us to better communicate important information to support our non-English speaking families.”

Tammy Yorke, Flagler School District, FL