4 Document Libraries to Meet Your District's Communication Needs:

TransAct ParentNotices offers four libraries of parent notifications to support your district's efforts in meeting parent and family engagement requirements. Each library is available in English and other priority languages. Contact Us today to review your existing subscription, and add additional languages or libraries:

  • ESEA (ESSA) Document Collection: Over 100 notifications that have been legally reviewed where applicable, and translated by certified translators. This collection also includes compliance resources to help staff determine timelines and requirements for situation-specific notices. 
  • IDEA Collection: Notifications and forms for compliance with IDEA 2004.
  • Section 504: Notifications, forms, and Section 504 Coordinator Training for compliance with Section 504. 
  • General Education: Support district staff including the front office, nurses office, and teachers in meeting civil rights requirements for Limited English Proficiency families by providing standard campus-wide communications in multiple languages. 

As an existing customer, you also have access to deeply discounted rates for custom translations, additional languages, and live over-the-phone- translator services. Contact us today. 

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A Trusted Resources

TransAct is the most important money I spend every single year. I can't afford not to have it. 

Dan Schlafer
Former Federal Programs Director

Stress-Free Compliance on Federal Requirements

TransAct helps our districts provide communication to our English Learner parents. The parent notifications are easy-to-use and TransAct is pivotal in helping Oregon schools, districts, and the state meet federal requirements.

Kim Miller
Federal Systems and Education Program Specialist