It’s tough to get a true sense of which investments will have the highest impact if you aren’t examining and comparing your past performance. Districts nationwide are using ActPoint KPI, an interactive database of financial and operational benchmarks developed by the Council of the Great City Schools, to measure key performance indicators annually and use the information they find to make data driven decisions to:

  • Save Money
  • Increase or preserve service levels
  • Manage Budget Cuts
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"These Key Performance Indicators for schools will facilitate benchmarking in all aspects of school operations and provide data to enable informed decision-making in the budget process. In the "No Dollar Left Behind" world of school finance, developing a formal process of assuring the efficient use of all educational resources is increasingly critical."

Jay Himes
CAE, Executive Director, PASBO

"How many times have we heard our colleagues in the business world say, ‘If you ran your schools like businesses you would be more efficient’? This product represents best practices from 60 of the largest districts in the nation and has been thoroughly tested. If you want to match up well with the best of the best, this is your product."

Ron Bennett
President/CEO, School Services of California, Inc.