Streamline your operations

Cloud-based solutions built for the education community 

  • More efficiently meet state and federal reporting requirements
  • Reduce operational complexity 
  • Boost performance 
  • Better serve your students and families
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Who we are

For over 25 years, our team of former federal programs directors, K-12 district and charter school administrators, teachers, transportation experts, and business leaders have been supporting school districts and over 25 state departments of education with cost-saving software solutions.

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How we can help you

For Transportation Directors
For Federal Programs Directors
For District CIOs
For Charter School Board Administrators
For College/University CIOs and CTOs

For Transportation Directors

Simplify your bus routing processes, more easily manage field trips, and more efficiently communicate with parents and guardians. 

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For Federal Programs Directors

Save time and effort while remaining compliant with federal parent and family engagement requirements. 

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For District CIOs

Efficiently meet the business needs of your district with intuitive, secure, cloud-based solutions that comply with state and federal requirements, reduce operational complexity, and more safely and effectively serve your students. 

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For Charter School Board Administrators

Boost board engagement and accountability, simplify board member recruiting, measure your board’s performance, strengthen your board-CEO partnership, and comply with open meeting laws easily. 

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For College/University CIOs and CTOs

Enable more efficient communication between students, faculty, and staff with a highly configurable, secure, cloud-based portal that requires minimal IT support. 

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Featured Resource

ESSA Checklist: A Guide to Meeting Federal Communication Requirements

It’s important to make sure your parent and family engagement plan complies with ESSA communication requirements. TransAct created this ESSA communication compliance checklist for the new school year with distance learning in mind.
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What customers are saying about us

Key things for us: Price Point, Cloud-Based, Unlimited training & support for NC-based companies, Unlimited user licenses, [and] Mapping [with] no cost updates). Thanks for everything you have done for us thus far and look forward to continuing to work with you and everyone at TransAct.

From the time we started the onboarding process to the time we went live, the whole process just couldn’t have been better. If we ever had a question or a request, the [TransAct] services team always got back to us within an hour or less. They even developed new features in the software to support our specific needs.

No matter where I am, I will receive identification from Student SupportTracker, and that information refreshes and is in real-time every day. So, as we have students move from one school to another, their information is current.

Since we have implemented this program, I don’t have to worry about working late. It has taken 70% of my workload off. I can focus more on training and safety. It’s phenomenal. I can’t tell you how much time I’ve saved by not having to route by hand, or look up in sheets routes for parents and their child’s bus stop. It’s nothing like it was!

[EZRouting] just makes it so much faster to create bus routes and use the Parent Portal feature to communicate the right information to our entire community. This will help us increase productivity, save time, and provide a better experience for students and their families.

They were amazing. I always knew that there were options within the [AfterSchool21] system to have all of this data in there, but they really rose to the challenge very quickly of adapting their system to make sure it met the new federal requirements and that we had two years of data within that one-time span and made it very user-friendly so that we could make sure that all of the sites could get in there.