PDF Bus Driver Shortage Real-Life Example: Farmington Municipal Schools

Download the PDF to learn how EZRouting increased routing efficiency for Farmington Municipal Schools. 

Download the PDF

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Save Time and Money with Route Consolidation 


Farming Municipal Schools is the 7th largest school district in the state, has 68 bus routes, and averages 6,000 miles per day. According to Billy Huish, Transportation Director for Farmington Municipal Schools, Farmington was not offering the proper service to its students. So, they decided to make a change: implementing the TransAct into their transportation department.

Huish explains that Farmington ran the buses “the same way, same order, same everything,” but once they were able to access the EZRouting (formerly TravelTracker-Routing) dashboard, they could instantly see essential insights, such as: 

  • Bus overlaps 
  • More efficient stops for students 
  • Miles they could save
Download the PDF to learn how EZRouting can help your district increase its routing efficiency.


"If you are looking for a system that will completely track your trips from start to finish in a timely and efficient manner, EZActivityTrips (formerly TravelTracker-Trips) will do that for you. If you're worried about your budget, it is also very affordable. Our Central Office staff has been very pleased with the results so far."

– Assistant Transportation Director, Talladega County School District, AL

"I called in my technical issue and received a response almost as quickly as I hung up the phone. Customer service is SUPERIOR."

– Human Resources, Granville County Schools