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Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker

Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker is a next-generation online program management solution that unifies online enrollment, attendance tracking, and data management to help you more effectively and efficiently tell your program's story.

Take advantage of industry-leading reporting tools, streamline your program administration, and benefit from convenient mobile attendance tracking.

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About Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker

User-Friendly, Intuitive Design

Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker's intuitive interface increases staff productivity, making it easy for staff to access and leverage the product's built-in features,  reducing onboarding time for new staff members, and saving valuable time.

Enhanced Organizational Structure

Flexibly align funding sources at the site level and across multiple reporting years by period, based on funding duration, to more accurately showcase for individual funders the impact their funds have had on both the program and the community.  

Single Sign-On for Staff

Save valuable IT time during user set-up, plus eliminate the need for users to remember separate login credentials, by using Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker's built-in SSO compatibility.

Next-Gen Dashboards

Personalize your your dashboards to gain greater visibility into key metrics to drive data-based decision-making and help tell your program's story. 

Customizable Data Tracking

Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker allows you to customize data tracking features such as online registration, participant records, surveys, and more.

Online Registration

With Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker, users can create flexible online registration forms with customizable field options so that all relevant participant data is accurately collected, ensuring students are properly placed in your program's activities. 

Flexible Sign-Up Forms

Easy Online Registration

Create online registration forms to collect required participant and family information. Automate placement in your program's activities, including waitlists. All online registration forms can be translated into a variety of languages. 

Online Registration OSTT
Align Key Measurements to Each Activity

Activity Transparency

Set up user-friendly screens that enable quick, easy creation of multiple activities. Connect program goals to each activity for future evaluation. Assign staff members to specific activities. Create attendance rosters and relate funding sources, community partners, and staff to activities to meet reporting requirements and support your program goals.

Activities - three screens - laptop tablet and mobile V2
Modify the System for Your Program

User-Driven Customizations

Designed with customization as a #1 priority, Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker users can modify dashboards, organization structures, reports, data collection fields, user roles, fields for activity records, surveys, and registration forms.

Customize OSTT
Easily Generate Data Reports

Dynamic Reporting

Generate detailed reports that can aid you in analyzing your overall program, taking into account individual participants, staff, activities, and funding sources.

All reports can be previewed on screen before printing, and can be exported in CSV, PDF, TXT, or XLS. 
Reports - 3 screens - laptop tablet and mobile V2
More visibility for on-the-go users

Mobile-Friendly Design

Work anywhere you're supporting students. Phone and tablet compatibility helps streamline attendance-taking by enabling you to scan-in students using barcodes, as well as capture parent/guardian signatures using your device's camera. 

List of people - mobile views


Speak to a Specialist About Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker

Why Is Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker Different Than Other Software Solutions?

Since 2003, TransAct has provided web-based data collection, management, and reporting solutions for out-of-school-time (OST) programs. We currently serve 1,000s of grant and fee-based programs nationwide, 13 State Education Agencies (SEAs) with our solution to meet Federal 21st Century Community Learning Center (21CCLC) grant reporting requirements.  

TransAct’s Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker and AfterSchool21(for 21CCLC reporting) is supported by the most experienced staff in the industry to help you through the transition to a new data management software. We offer a solution that will consolidate data collection, survey creation and response tracking, as well as online registration. Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker also has a cutting-edge reporting tool that allows reports and dashboards to be created using any data collected in the system.   

How Can You Use Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker to Create Surveys?

Out-of-School Time Tracker allows users to create and distribute surveys to various audiences. To design a survey, users can select the fields they want to include. The tracker also supports conditional formatting, which displays specific fields based on the responses provided.

For instance, if a user answers a question and the author wants more detailed information, an open-ended text field can appear, allowing the respondent to elaborate on their answer.

Once the survey is ready, the administrator can choose which contacts to send it to. The survey recipients receive an email from Out-of-School Time Tracker with a unique URL to complete the survey. All responses are recorded in the respondent's student record. Additionally, users can generate reports to display the survey results.

Can You Use Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker for Reporting Purposes?

Out-of-School Time Tracker offers advanced reporting features that allow authorized users to set reporting parameters based on any data collected within the system. Once a report is generated, admin users can control who can see it.

To create a report, users select the data they want to include and customize how it will be displayed, choosing chart types, axis data, and other visualization elements.

After the chart is created, users can build dashboards that update in real time or schedule the report to be emailed to themselves and/or others at specified intervals. Reports can be downloaded in PDF, CSV, XLS, or TXT formats.


What we have now with Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker is 180 degrees different from what we had because the data is so easy to collect and access. It’s enabling staff to become more efficient at both the individual school level and at our administration office. In addition, our parents appreciate the online registration feature.
I am one of your biggest fans, and I believe that your product is everything you promised it to be and more. More importantly, the customer service is five stars! I especially want to share with you the awesome, professional, and expert customer service the district has received.

Our district goes to great lengths to protect stakeholder information. Your company did an amazing job working with our district to ensure all of our securities protocols were met. Thank you for going the extra mile.

I called in my technical issue and received a response almost as quickly as I hung up the phone. Customer service is SUPERIOR.

The system makes everything connected to our afterschool program easier, from attendance to payments and everything in between.