AfterSchool21 is the most flexible and easy-to-use online program management software for programs that receive 21CCLC funds. 

  • Accommodate federal and state 21APR reporting requirements
  • Streamline program administration
  • Create insightful, actionable reports
  • Track funding sources
  • Manage data collection

If your program does not rely on 21CCLC funds exclusively, Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker is a more suitable solution for you!

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Activities - three screens - laptop tablet and mobile

About AfterSchool21

Better Organizational Structure

AfterSchool21 now makes it easy to securely share critical data and reports with other organizations so that students can be better served and the impact better understood.

Single Sign-On for District Staff

All district staff can easily access AfterSchool21 via their current district system credentials to identify students and/or submit service requests for students who may be experiencing homelessness.

User-Friendly, Intuitive Design

AfterSchool21's new, intuitive interface helps increase staff productivity by making it easier for them to access and leverage the product's built-in features, ultimately saving time that can instead be spent supporting students in need.

CEDS: Format for Student Data

AfterSchool21's data structure utilizes CEDS, a nationwide educational data standard. This integration enables seamless importing of SIS data and easy extraction of useful data for other district systems.

21APR Reporting Alignment

Generate accurate, quick reports that are aligned to each section of the federal 21st Century Community Learning Center Annual Performance Report (21APR).

Easily Generate Data Reports

Easy-to-Use Reporting

AfterSchool21 generates an end-of-term APR report that aligns with every federal requirement, including all GPRA outcome measures. 

Our detailed reports aid in analyzing your overall program, individual participants, staff, activities, and funding sources. All reports can be exported in various file types or sent via email. 

Reports - 3 screens - laptop tablet and mobile V2
Connect program goals to each activity

Activities and Sessions

User-friendly screens allow quick and easy setup of multiple activities and sessions. Streamline the setup process by copying sessions for different times and locations as needed or by quickly creating activities for various centers at the organization/grantee level. Connect program goals to each activity for future evaluation.

Assign staff members to various activity sessions and simultaneously place their names on the attendance roster and related activity documents. Relate funding sources, community partners, and staff to activities to further meet reporting requirements and evaluation efforts.

Activities - three screens - laptop tablet and mobile V2
More visibility for on-the-go users

Mobile-Friendly Design

AfterSchool21 is designed to work anywhere you are supporting students in need. With 100% phone and tablet capability, users in the field can access participant emergency contact information, attendance, and other key information. 

List of people - mobile views
Report on Critical Data

More Flexible Registration and Reporting Periods

The time periods that organizations use to track their initiatives vary widely across the nation. AfterSchool21 now makes it easier to securely group critical data and report across various periods, including the ability to record when a student enters and exits a program.

AS21 Registration image
more intuitive and flexible

Attendance Collection

Record attendance by participant, activity, date of participation, and actual in/out times. Conveniently copy attendance for participant groups across multiple activities. In addition, an attendance record can contain notes about the day’s attendance such as behavior, material covered, etc.

Participation - Select participants
quick, at-a-glance summary

Dashboard Charts

Users can create a web-accessible dashboard that is updated in real-time, providing up-to-the-moment insights into their out-of-school-time program data.

Dashboard - 2 screens - laptop and tablet V2

Unparalleled Support

Simple, Stress-Free Implementation

Dedicated Account Manager

Live Customer Support

Live Web-Based Training

Resource Center

Consistently Updated Guidance


AfterSchool21 has strengthened education and communities in Georgia, through the 21st CCLC program...it helps the programs to focus on data. Through the entering of data and analysis of reports, our programs are able to determine which students are receiving the greatest benefit from the program. This allows the programs to identify the strategies that are most successful and apply them across the program. As a state, we have seen significant gains in the number of students served because we are targeting those programs that have the greatest opportunity for improvement.
The Wausau School District has been using out-of-school attendance and record keeping since 2007. This has been a tremendous resource for 21st Century grant reporting. We run our programs under multiple funding sources and the ability to track attendance and create reports tied to the appropriate funding is valuable. I appreciate the ability to monitor at a District level and prepare reports as needed for principals and other stakeholders.

Our district goes to great lengths to protect stakeholder information. Your company did an amazing job working with our district to ensure all of our securities protocols were met. Thank you for going the extra mile.

I called in my technical issue and received a response almost as quickly as I hung up the phone. Customer service is SUPERIOR.

AfterSchool21 has supported the efficient entry and analysis of data for program monitoring, improvement and annual reporting. This user-friendly system provides the benefit of consistent data across multiple sites, and the technical assistance from [TransACT] is always timely and helpful.

Featured Resource

How to Use Your After-School Program Data for Long-Term Funding and Sustainability

Download the PDF to learn how AfterSchool21 collects APR compliance data for 21st Century-funded programs.  

How to Use Your After-School Program Data for Long-Term Funding and Sustainability featured asset image