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What Is ActPoint KPI?

School business officials across the country use ActPoint KPI to manage the increasing demand for transparency and accountability in their use of public funds. This performance management system uses over 500 proprietary KPIs pioneered by the Council of the Great City Schools to help districts ensure that every dollar is spent in service of their broader mission of student achievement.

  • Finance
  • Food Services
  • Operations
  • HR, IT, and more

Visualize. Analyze. Act.

Understand what levers have the most impact on your bottom line, performance, budget, management of resources and effectiveness. Share knowledge within a team and across districts. Advocate for funding needs easily to district leaders and boards. Surface inefficiencies and underlying factors. Conduct thorough root cause analysis – all in one tool.

See how your district’s performance changes year-over-year by measuring and comparing performance annually.


1. Gather Data

Automatically import KPIs available in your state, or use smart surveys to input data on your department’s priorities.

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2. Review District Performance

Visualize your performance through easy-to-navigate charts.

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3. Compare Metric Performance

Quickly evaluate efficacy when you examine year-over-year.

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Identify operational exemplars in your state, or nationwide, and benchmark your progress towards matching their performance.


Select a measure and compare your district's performance to others. Raw data is converted into benchmark graphs so you can see how your district stands by ranking and quartile.

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Filter Results

Narrow your benchmark results to include districts that matter the most to you. Filter by criteria such as: enrollment, poverty level, geographic proximity, or labor status.

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Set strategy and watch progress over time. What strategies are having the biggest impact? How quickly are your initiatives working? Year-over-year analysis has the power to reveal insight that your district could otherwise miss.

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ActPoint KPI Community

Reach out to peer districts and share best practices, solutions, and resources.

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Create Favorite Districts

Select favorite districts and create custom benchmark graphs and reports. Narrow your districts to include only the ones that are relevant, providing you with the ability to approach a measure with laser-like focus.

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ActPoint KPI gives you the tools you need to lead your district in the right direction.


Communicate with Stakeholders

Use visual evidence and benchmark data to communicate to district stakeholders strategic priorities.

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Advocate for Special Funding

Compare funding and services levels to help provide evidence for increased funding.

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Set Budgets and Forecasting

Get immediate feedback on your predictive data modeling, leading to powerful budgeting and forecasting capabilities. You can even export your data modeling graph to present to the board and management teams.

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Analyze Progress Using Reports

Select measures, add personal notes, and choose benchmark districts, then create a professionally formatted report with cover page and table of contents.

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Unique Features


Web Based

Access your data and insights from anywhere, anytime, thanks to 24/7 availability.


Predictive Data Modeling

Test your strategies by adjusting individual data points to visualize the future. Leverage the modeling to help illustrate outcomes to your team and board.


Budgeting & Forecasting

Gain meaningful insights that allow you to budget more effectively and forecast changes in your operations.



Create customized, professional-looking reports that can be shared and then archived for later use.


The Council of the Great City Schools (CGCS) and its member school districts measure performance of operational functions, including business services, finances, human resources, and technology.

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Assess and track district performance on metrics proven to measure operational excellence.

Accounts Payable Cost Per Invoice

Debt Servicing Costs Ratio To District Revenue

Workers’ Compensation Cost Per Employee

Procurement Savings Ratio
Human Resources
Teacher Retention – Average for 1-5 Years

Teacher Absences Per Teacher

Teacher Vacancies On First Day Of School

Substitute Placement Rate

Cost Per Meal

Custodial Workload

Safety And Security Spending Per Student

Cost Per Mile Operated

Information Technology

Devices – Average Age Of Computers

Devices Per Student

IT Spending Per Student

Network – Bandwidth Per User (kbps)

Over 500 other metrics available

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“This product represents best practices from 60 of the largest districts in the nation and has been thoroughly tested. If you want to match up well with the best of the best, this is your product.”

Ron Bennett, President/CEO, School Services of California, Inc. 

"As we continue to refine and expand KPI’s capabilities, it will further streamline the way we do business, and help us think more strategically about ways to save money as the economy continues to tighten. Operating like a well-run business, our school districts are well down the path to producing better results, meeting taxpayer expectations, and providing a better future for students, families and the community."

"An Operations Planning Tool Fit for the Fortune 500", School Business Affairs, September 2011

"These Key Performance Indicators for schools will facilitate benchmarking in all aspects of school operations and provide data to enable informed decision-making in the budget process. In the "No Dollar Left Behind" world of school finance, developing a formal process of assuring the efficient use of all educational resources is increasingly critical."

Jay Himes, CAE, Executive Director, PASBO