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How Wisconsin Improved Outcomes for Students and 21CCLC Federal Reporting Operations

Learn how the Director of the Consortium of Applied Research at the University of Wisconsin—Green Bay, uses TransACT’s AfterSchool21 (AS21) software to manage nearly 155 sites, handle GPRA measure changes, and meet new 21APR requirements.

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How Wisconsin Improved Outcomes for Students and 21CCLC Federal Reporting Operations Using the AS21 System

The Three Biggest Concerns Regarding the New GPRA Measures

When the new GPRA measures first rolled out, Dr. Jenell Holstead's primary concern was the pandemic and the schools she works with revealing that they have no data to report collected. The new GPRA measures were lofty and Wisconsin had historically relied on teacher surveys for its data.

Dr. Holstead’s second concern was the addition of four to five brand-new GPRA measures and the request for academic data that her team had never asked the sites to gather before. And lastly, her third concern was that it was not just one school year’s worth of data; it was two years (2021 and 2022) that all the sites needed to have, which made it much more complicated coming off the stress from the COVID-19 pandemic. 

In this case study, you'll receive guidance to help you provide the most accurate data to comply with the new Government Performance and Results Act (GPRA) measure changes.


What is AfterSchool21?

AfterSchool21 is a web-based software that increases the effectiveness of your after-school program and 21APR data collection. We offer 21CCLC data management and 21APR preparation software and service built on 20 years of supporting thousands of after school programs and 13 State Departments of Education. Schedule a demonstration with our team to see how we can help your program.



[TransACT] AfterSchool Programs has strengthened education and communities in Georgia, through the 21st CCLC program... As a state, we have seen significant gains in the number of students served because we are targeting those programs that have the greatest opportunity for improvement.

– Mike Thaler, Former Georgia Department of Education 21st CCLC Grant Manager

The Wausau School District has been using [Afterschool21] for Out-of-School attendance and record keeping since 2007. This has been a tremendous resource for 21st Century grant reporting. We run our programs under multiple funding sources and the ability to track attendance and create reports tied to the appropriate funding is valuable. I appreciate the ability to monitor at a District level and prepare reports as needed for principals and other stakeholders... Thank you, AfterSchool Programs team, for 'having our back.'

– Nancy Cedar, Out of School Learning Coordinator – Wausau School District – Wausau, WI