Protect Your District's Data

Meet the needs of your district's administrators while also ensuring the security of your systems and data. TransACT's cloud-based solutions are designed with the highest level of security compliance.

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Easily Meet the Needs of Your District

Our operational security approach is targeted to meet much more than minimum compliance with multiple federal and international cloud standards.  

Auto-Fill with SIS Data

For example, with ParentNotices you can eliminate manual data entry by auto-filling student and teacher data, importing rosters, and automatically delivering notices in a parent's preferred language. 

Easy Navigation

For instance, TravelTracker's menu-driven navigation is often described by districts as the friendliest interface in the transportation industry. Our system was designed to be clean, intuitive, and mobile-friendly.

Create a Connected User Experience

For example, traditional portals require that IT teams anticipate and design for each visitor's unique needs, but OneCampus connects your audiences to their resources intuitively, from any device, at any moment.  

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Security Is Our #1 Priority

We have a zero-trust architecture and multi-level verification to ensure the highest level of security compliance. Ransomware and other targeted threats are highly ineffective against our architecture. 

  • Highest Security Compliance 

    TransACT's products exceed national and international security framework standards (NIST, FISMA, FERPA, COPPA, FedRAMP, GDRP, etc.) A copy of our SOC 2 Level I compliance statement and framework compliance map is available upon request. 

  • Business Continuity 

    We identify critical-path business processes and their relative priorities, responding to them promptly and implementing safeguards that are appropriate, effective, culturally acceptable, and practical. This allows us to have some of the lowest RPO and RTO targets in the industry.   

Auto-Fill Your Forms

Integrate with your Student Information System (SIS)

Auto-fill all of your forms and deliver them to parents with a simple, stress-free SIS integration.

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Eliminate app or password fatigue

Set Up User Access Easily with Single Sign On (SSO)

Our solutions integrate with your district's SSO provider so that end-users have no issues logging in and IT's workload is reduced through auto-provisioning of permissions.

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Host your district's forms and notices

Deliver Existing PDFs, Digitally

Import your district's PDF notifications and forms, auto-fill them with roster-data from your SIS, and then deliver them to parents on the device of their choice. 

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Reduce Barriers to Engagement

Deliver to Mobile Phones

Our student-centered solutions allow for flexible delivery on any device, or on paper if needed.

Manage end-to-end compliance

Collect Digital Signatures

Parents or staff can store signatures and complete forms from any phone, laptop, or computer. 


About Us

TransACT is the compliance management solution used by 9 State Departments of Education and over 5,100 school districts for over 25 years.

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TransACT is the most important money I spend every single year. I can’t afford not to have it.

This website has been a lifesaver! Without it, I would not have the forms and documentation that I need for English as a Second Languages Students!

TransACT ensures that there is one less worry for the districts and a lot less work for me. If we did not have TransACT, we might not have adequate time and resources to produce documents because of our other responsibilities.

TransACT provides the highest quality documents with multiple language translations to choose from for our school district. In addition, TransACT provides excellent training videos to help me stay informed so that I can keep my EL Program compliant with the law.

All of our forms were in order and easy to provide. Each building in our district knew exactly which forms needed to be sent and when. Having the forms easily accessible and a cinch to complete made all of our compliance uniform and well-documented.

TransACT enabled us to have the required documents available in a professional form to support our efforts. We received good comments on our programs.