ESSA went into full implementation last school-year. This year, districts are preparing for state monitoring visits regarding ESSA Compliance.

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Avoid compliance risks and rights violations

Web-based translator tools and uncertified interpreters without a background in education put you in jeopardy.

Online translation tools or unqualified translators can change the meaning of your intended communication and leave your district at risk of omitting required information. A few common examples out of many include:

  • "Accommodations"

    Low quality translations often result in this word indicating the need for housing, as opposed to adjustments in curriculum for diverse leaners.

  • "Make-Up Day"

    How confused would your district’s non-English speaking parents be if communications were sent out about a cosmetics day as opposed to an additional school day being required due to an unplanned school cancellation earlier in the year?

Make sure your translations are accurate and complete.

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