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SafeDriver360 App + Tablets

The SafeDriver360 App + Tablets seamlessly connect with EZRouting (formerly TravelTracker-Routing), our school bus routing system and are equipped with GPS functionality and supported by data plans from leading providers like Verizon and AT&T.

With this combination, districts can substantially enhance their capabilities, making route changes and turn-by-turn directions immediately accessible to drivers and easily accessing real-time bus geolocation data and student ridership information. 

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SafeDriver360 App + Tablets for Routing

Key Benefits and Features of the SafeDriver360 App + Tablets

Keep Drivers Focused and Ensure Passenger Safety

Live turn-by-turn directions include a "read aloud" option to help keep drivers focused on the road, comply with most states’ Department of Transportation regulations, and ensure student safety.

This functionality is particularly helpful for substitute drivers who may not be as familiar with district routes or for regular drivers when a temporary route change is required. 

Tablets - Select a Route and Trip

Capture Driver Time with the Clock In/Out Feature

The SafeDriver360 app enables drivers to clock-in/clock-out on their tablets. Since the tablets are GPS-enabled, the district can set parameters on where drivers can clock-in. 

Tablets - Clock In_Out

Scan Students On and Off the Bus

Our tablets enable tracking of student ridership, enabling students to easily scan on and off the bus using a system-generated QR code, a district-provided QR code, or a barcode, and alerting drivers if students are at the wrong stop or boarding the wrong bus.

Tablets - Scan Student

Search and Add a New Student to a Trip

With our tablets, drivers can search and add a new student to a trip stop by name and/or student ID. If a student does not belong to a bus, the tablet will flag it, but the driver can override the flag if the student has obtained approval from the proper district authority.

If the student forgets their ID card, the driver can add them onto the bus via the tablet without a physical scan, provided they know which students ride their bus.

Tablet - Run a Trip V3

Explore Our Transportation Management Platform

EZTransportation, our leading-edge Transportation Management Platform enables you to efficiently and effectively manage your transportation program — planning and scheduling, daily route management, school and parent communication, fleet maintenance, activity trip coordination, and more — all from within a single integrated system, enabling your team to prioritize student safety, streamline their day-to-day operations, and enhance driver retention.

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Simplify Your Routing Process with EZRouting

Intelligent cloud-based, school bus routing tablets that help simplify your operations and more efficiently manage student transportation logistics in real-time.

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[TransAct] Support has been exceptional in helping me with my issue. They were diligent in getting this resolved and followed through until I was 100% satisfied.

The customer support we receive from TransAct for our activity buses is a BIG 10 out of 10. Looking at other routing options for Caldwell County it became clear that it was needed [and] that we wanted our needs met so TransAct had our needs. TransAct team has thus far been very compliant with the installation of the program.

We're able to send a quick message to a quick test text message to parents telling them to expect a delay on the bus, for instance, or what their child's bus information is, or the stop is moved. And as a return, we can see all the communication that we've had with the parents through our software.

[TransAct’s EZRouting] is by far the most powerful, easy-to-use web-based software I've ever seen in my life...the speed of it is incredible and especially compared to what we were used to. My anxiety level has dropped since switching to TransAct.

When we started looking at your program it was strictly for communication. We did everything by hand. In the summer, we would be at the office not knowing when we could go home because we had all these parents to call back. That's almost been eliminated because we can send them an email or text message with the information for their student.

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