Easily Identify Students Eligible to Ride the Bus

Eligibility Module

The Eligibility module automates the pre-routing process for students, using a combination of student data from your district’s student information system (SIS) and school policies you’ve defined within the system to automatically determine each student’s eligibility to ride the bus.

Only students who are deemed eligible for transportation are fed into the routing portal, saving routing professionals time and manual effort and eliminating the need to continually filter through a population of students who are not eligible to be routed.

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Eligibility Module - Students

EZRouting: Intelligent School Bus Routing Software

EZRouting, a core product within our Transportation Management Platform, provides the foundation for your student transportation route planning and management. 

With EZRouting, you can easily and efficiently generate optimized routes using AI, swiftly adapt to changes, and respond quickly to driver shortages.

Optional modules enable you to seamlessly add additional capabilities to your transportation software stack based on your district's needs. 

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Easily Determine Student Eligibility

Save time, increase process consistency, and eliminate manual effort by setting up eligibility codes and school policies to automatically identify which students qualify for busing based on specific criteria such as location, school, grade, program, and zone. Only students who are qualified are uploaded into your EZRouting system.

Eligibility Module - Eligibility Codes

Ensure Equity and Transparency in Student Ridership Eligibility

Establishing consistent and data-driven eligibility criteria for student ridership ensures equity and can be used to communicate to parents whether their student is eligible for at-home pickup and why their student is assigned to a particular bus. 

Eligibility Module - Filter Students by Eligibility Codes

Save Time and Money with the Efficiency Bundle

Experience the combined power of our EZRouting's Driver Management, Vehicle Maintenance, and Dispatch modules when you purchase the Efficiency Bundle. Together, these fully integrated modules give you complete control over your entire vehicle and driver management process.

Increase the efficiency of your transportation operations by pairing the route planning power of EZRouting with the ability to easily manage day-to-day operational challenges such as drivers being out, vehicles that fail inspections, or driver shortages.

Plus, you'll save money by purchasing the Efficiency Bundle rather than buying each module Individually.

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Additional Modules for EZRouting

Vehicle Maintenance Module
Dispatch Module
Driver Management Module

Vehicle Maintenance Module

The Vehicle Maintenance Module makes it easy to ensure your vehicles stay in service. Stay on top of repairs through integrated vehicle work order tracking, preventive maintenance scheduling, and both inspection and parts management. 

Vehicle Maintenance and Parts Management V2

Dispatch Module 

With the Dispatch Module, administrators can easily manage the day-to-day challenges associated with running routes, including driver and vehicle substitutions, real-time visibility into the routes as they run, and communication with parents and drivers. The Dispatch Module consists of two components: Trip Preparation and Trip Operation. 

Trip Operation and Trip Preparation V1

Driver Management Module

The Driver Management Module provides administrators with the ability to easily track and access driver-related information relevant to your operations using custom fields, forms, and panels. Customize job and pay codes, track driver time, and apply rules to the resulting time recorded based on work guarantees or varying rates. 

Driver Management

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From the time we started the onboarding process to the time we went live, the whole process just couldn’t have been better. If we ever had a question or a request, the [EZRouting] services team always got back to us within an hour or less. They even developed new features in the software to support our specific needs.

The customer support we receive from TransAct for our activity buses is a BIG 10 out of 10. Looking at other routing options for Caldwell County it became clear that it was needed [and] that we wanted our needs met so TransAct had our needs. TransAct team has thus far been very compliant with the installation of the program.

We're able to send a quick message to a quick test text message to parents telling them to expect a delay on the bus, for instance, or what their child's bus information is, or the stop is moved. And as a return, we can see all the communication that we've had with the parents through our software.

[TransAct’s EZRouting] is by far the most powerful, easy-to-use web-based software I've ever seen in my life...the speed of it is incredible and especially compared to what we were used to. My anxiety level has dropped since switching to TransACT.

When we started looking at your program it was strictly for communication. We did everything by hand. In the summer, we would be at the office not knowing when we could go home because we had all these parents to call back. That's almost been eliminated because we can send them an email or text message with the information for their student.