ESSA went into full implementation last school-year. This year, districts are preparing for state monitoring visits regarding ESSA Compliance.


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About eConvene

School boards are made up of volunteers: eConvene is designed to support decision makers and district staff in spending their time on the most impactful decisions, not managing complicated software.

  • Designed by educators: eConvene was built by TransACT at the request of a local school board who needed a better solution to managing their meetings. 
  • Substantial Savings: Office materials, administrator workload, and board members' time are all valuable resources. e-Convene puts time back into your week and money back into your budget.
  • Unparalleled Support: 23 years of supporting operations in the education community.  We know that you don't have the time to wait on an answer, and we are there for you in person - every time. 

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“Our final decision to go with eConvene instead of another vender was all about their terrific service. They provided quick and accurate information to us as we learned the system and even made product changes based on our suggestions. We are very pleased with the relationship we have built with the eConvene Team.”

Boyd Keyser, Superintendent, North Marion School District

“eConvene has exceeded our expectations. Our decision to implement paperless meetings through eConvene was the result of detailed research and extensive vendor review.  We found that TransACT offered the most cost-efficient and user-friendly platform for document preparation and processing, with an end product that provided the greatest ease of navigation during the meeting process.”

Robert D. Burke, Assistant Superintendent for Business, L'Anse Creuse Public Schools

“eConvenel has improved our ability to manage time.  By moving information from one level to the next, in digital format, we can address document revisions and updates in a matter of minutes, rather than hours or days involved in moving paper from one location to the next. “

Libby Prill, Administrative Assistant, Business Office, L'Anse Creuse Public Schools

“Meetings used to require a great deal of time, effort, and paper… lots of paper. With eConvene, I can create agendas, packets, and minutes in a flash without the hassle and paper cuts. I have saved our association time and money with this paperless program – and our Board loves that they can view meeting materials on their iPads.”

Kristin Margelot, Executive Assistant, MAISA

“eConvene frees up my time and gives me access to the information I need when I need it. We use the eConvene paperless meetings system for our board meetings that involve 40+ members and we are expanding that use to other meetings we host. eConvene not only works well for us and our members, but we’re saving a significant amount of time and money! It is definitely a win-win!”

John Dekker, Assistant Executive Director, Washington Association of School Administrators (WASA)

“eConvene Paperless Board Meetings has made life easier - not only for staff who prepare the agenda, but for our board and stakeholders who view the finished product. Agendas and backup documents are prepared with ease in less than half the time spent preparing printed agendas…and nearly five times less the cost! At a time when resources for school districts are stark, TransACT helped us find a way to save money while providing an outstanding product coupled with outstanding service. Thank you, TransACT, your Paperless Board Meetings services make us look good!”

Jodi Runyon, Executive Assistant to the Superintendent, Marysville School District