TransACT has been providing federally aligned notifications in multiple languages for K-12 systems for over 22 years. Maintain ESSA compliance and reduce spending and risk across your district by providing quick access to hundreds of the most frequently used, federally required parent notices.

  1. Frees up time and budget for translators to spend on unique situations

    Routine communications are available online to your entire state or district, updated routinely by federal compliance experts.

  2. Written by Federal Compliance Experts

    Legally reviewed where necessary by the law firm Brustein and Manasevit.

  3. Supports Parent Engagement

    When parents understand what is coming home, they can support teachers and schools in the best path for their student.

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“TransACT translated document library has been a tremendous resource for language access and parent communication in our school system. Specifically, the availability of communiqués in less commonly represented languages has been pivotal to support outreach and engagement. School staff frequently commented positively on the accessibility and applicability of the translated documents and forms.”

Jennifer Love
Parent Involvement Specialist,  Prince George’s County

“As a small district, we have relied on Transact to provide program specific (Title I and Title III/ESOL) communication for our families. Having access to required documents in several languages allows us to better communicate important information to support our non-English speaking families.”


Tammy Yorke
Coordinator of Federal Programs and Charter School Liaison Flagler County Public Schools