ESSA went into full implementation last school-year. This year, districts are preparing for state monitoring visits regarding ESSA Compliance.

Equal access to school services for all families

Standard school-to-home notifications, instantly available in priority languages.

  • Create a welcoming environment

    School wide signs, notifications and forms with reliable translations.

  • Protect your teams from legal quagmires

    Ensure your school-to-home communications meet the standards for communicating across different languages.


Save significantly over the cost of translators

School or district based translators should be available for parents, teachers, and students handling exceptional circumstances, not researching communication laws, updating forms, and managing distribution.

  • Field trip form in Gujarati? Done.
  • Free or reduced lunch services in Tagalog? Easy.
  • Nurses office forms in Spanish? Si.
  • All of your parent notices reviewed regularly against federal guidance and updated as needed? We have you covered.

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Parent notices for your whole campus

Teachers, nurses, office administrators and special service providers can all communicate to parents of any language.

  • Health and Medical
  • School, Office & Classroom
  • Free & Reduced-Price Meals
  • ELL & Special Services

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The most convenient way to manage your school-to-home notices


  • Updated by federal compliance experts
    All forms are monitored and updated by federal compliance experts on a routine basis.
  • Unlimited access
    Available to everyone in your school, district, or state.
  • Online access
    Instantly download, print, or send whenever you need it. 

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