ESSA requirements under Title I for students in foster care went into effect 12/10/16. Read more about required Parent Notices


23 Years of leadership in federal compliance

Think of us as an extension of your team when you have the highest risk and the biggest responsibility for accurate communication.

  • Automatically comply with regulatory deadlines 

    Some ESSA requirements begin as soon as October 2016. Get compliant parent notices in multiple languages now.

  • Understand shifting requirements

    Responsibilities for English learners, parent engagement, and more are dramatically shifting. Let us train your team.

  • Align parent requirements across your district

    Some parent communications are specific to individual districts. Let us provide a solution for your district to easily access district-approved parent notices. See how our District Masters solution can help.


Comprehensive coverage

Save money and increase compliance with online parent notices required by the Elementary and Secondary Education Act and its ammendments. 

  • For 2016-17: NCLB transition to ESSA

    All the NCLB notices still required, plus notices required for the 2016-2017 school year by ESSA.

  • For 2017-18 under ESSA

    Over 100 notices in 20 categories of parent-outreach and communication.

  • Available when you need it

    NCLB notices that are still required are available, and ESSA-related notices will become available as they are required by law. Act fast: notices for students experiencing homelessness are required as soon as October 1, 2016. 

Browse our NCLB notices

The right notice at the right time. Always. 

Online questionnaires called "RoadMaps" navigate complex guidance so you don't have to.Ensure accuracy

  • Ensure Accuracy
    Even though you can’t be everywhere, you can be confident that every school and district team member is using the right document at the right time.
  • Easy to use
    Intuitive “yes-or-no” question formats allow your team to easily access everything the federal law recommends for them, without having to get bogged down in the law or research.
  • Prove compliance
    Reports to demonstrate usage and guidance help provide documentation of compliance with federal laws.

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