Need touchless notifications in your district? ParentNotices can deliver your PDFs to a parent's phone, desktop, or computer. 

What We Do For EL Teams

For over 20 years, TransACT has provided school and district EL teams with services supporting EL program compliance, parent involvement, and program implementation evidence.

  • Compliance: English learner programs

    Receive guidance for communicating required information to parents of English Learners.

  • Communication: Improve parent engagement

    Ensure that parents are hearing what they need to know to engage in their student's education by distributing notifications that were written by experts.

  • Documentation: Provide evidence of implementation

    A subscription can be part of evidence of implementation in the event of a monitoring visit.


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Get Familiar with ESSA Changes

Some EL Program requirements are shifting from Title III to Title I. 

  • Ahead of the game

    Don’t spend your time hunting down current guidance and regulations - give your whole team access to experts who do that for you.

  • Written by experts

    Our federal, state, and local leadership team led thousands of districts through the transition to NCLB, and we are ready for ESSA.

  • Legally reviewed

    When necessary, our documents are legally reviewed by compliance experts and federal law experts Brustein and Manasavit.

Download our guide to Title I EL requirements under ESSA


Services for Schools and Districts

ESSA shifts responsibilities for English language proficiency to Title I and requires significantly heavier parent and family engagement - be prepared for the transition.

  • Federal requirements

    As some responsibilities for English Learners move from Title III to Title I, we have you covered.

  • District requirements

    As states define accountability for English Language proficiency and parent or family engagement, we have notices, forms and guidance. 

  • School requirements

    Create and distribute school, district or state-authored documents in a quick and secure portal.

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