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All districts, all data

Leverage the non-academic data your district produces. Every school district can compare performance on financial and operational KPIs with other districts in your state without manual data entry.

  • Compare to anyone

    Filter your entire state’s results by country, enrollment, and other demographic data to identify true peers and visualize your performance through a new lens.

  • Learn from thought leaders

    Our partnerships with leading resources for professional development and business best practices allow customers in any state to take performance insight to the next leve: action and improvement. 

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Benchmarks for all departments

Examples include:

  • Cost per meal
  • Suspensions per 1,000 students
  • Payroll cost per 100k of revenue
  • IT spending per student
  • Cost per mile

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Facilitate transparency and collaboration

  • Drill down

    Conduct thorough root cause analysis by identifying your similarities and unique challenges compared to other districts.

  • Remain anonymous

    All your data remains anonymous while you are able to determine how your district ranks.

  • See improvement areas

    When you can see your performance against others, you can demonstrate where you are already successful, and focus on develop strategies for areas requiring improvement.

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