Need touchless notifications in your district? ParentNotices can deliver your PDFs to a parent's phone, desktop, or computer. 

How do you ensure that everyone in your state or district are accessing the most current and standardized parent notification content? District Masters is an online portal providing centralized access and version control for all of your forms and documents.


Why District Masters?

  • Easy Upload

    Need a document to go out across the school, district or state? Uploading and posting for your content is instantaneous.

  • Publish in multiple languages

    Calendars, handbooks, and other district documents made available to all of you users in a set of priority languages, with the option to add any language you need.

  • Quality Control

    Ensure that all district communications remain current, consistent, and that quality and legal compliance is not jeopardized by excessive user modification. Post the latest master approved document and make it instantly available to all.

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Your documents, your languages, your way

Provide a library of translated documents for your classroom teachers, administrators and team members.  

  • Registration & Attendance
  • Emergencies
  • After School Programs & Events
  • Student Conduct & Discipline
  • Classroom
  • English Learners