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We are an extension of your district staff.  For over 23 years, our team of former federal programs directors, district administrators, principals, teachers, and business leaders has been supporting school districts with cost-saving software solutions. We serve over:



School Districts





1.2 Million+



15 Million+

Parents & Students

Parent Notices & More

Software as a Service (SaaS) and expertise driving compliance and efficiency in schools, districts, and states.


For Federal Programs Directors

Expert guidance, training, and resources to ensure compliance with federal parent and family engagement requirements.

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For Schools & Districts

Parent notices in multiple languages that help you save money, prepare for monitoring visits, and authentically engage parents.

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For District Business Officers

Key performance indicators that help you go beyond forecasting. IT, HR, M&O and other departments gain the ability to compare to peers, optimize spending and return money to where it counts: the classroom.

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For School Board Members & Administrators

Paperless board meetings that eliminate paper shuffling and unsecure online archives. The lowest-cost solution for building board packets, securely sharing content, and managing board meetings.

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Featured Resources

Creating a Compliant Parent Communication Strategy in Multiple Languages

School-to-home communication is crucial when it comes to achieving successful student outcomes, but when communicating with parents, the message must be accurate, compliant with federal laws and civil rights requirements, and written in a language parents can understand.

Creating a compliant parent communication strategy in multiple languages


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"We were recently monitored by our State Department of Education in our Federal Programs Department. When asked about how we complied with NCLB requirements concerning parent notifications, we were able to say all schools had access to TransACT."

Ann Taylor, Carter County School District, TN

"All of our forms were in order and easy to provide. Each building in our district knew exactly which forms needed to be sent and when. Having the forms easily accessible and a cinch to complete made all of our compliance uniform and well-documented."

Marti Ellerby, Battle Creek Public Schools, MI

"TransACT enabled us to have the required documents available in a professional form to support our efforts. We received good comments on our programs."

Wendy Shea, Clayton Ridge Community School District, IA

"With TransACT, we are in compliance with federal law regarding notices to parents in respect to NCLB."

Vicki Writsel, Bowling Green Independent School District, KY