DACA Update – Trump Administration Blocks New DACA Applications, Limits DACA Renewals to One-Year


The most recent change to the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals or DACA program runs counter to two recent court rulings. The Administration’s most recent pronouncement notes that new DACA applications are blocked, and renewals shortened from two years to one.

Challenges and rulings on DACA in 2020:

  • June 2020, the Supreme Court ruled that the Trump Administration's attempt to end the DACA program didn't meet legal standards.
  • Early July 2020, another federal court ruled to reinstate the DACA program to its original status before the Administration attempted to end the program.
  • In response, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security insisted that changes to the DACA program implementation are needed due to the Supreme Court ruling.
  • Late July 2020, the Acting Secretary of Homeland Security issued a memo indicating that no new DACA applications will be processed. Any DACA renewals granted will be for one year, not two years, as has been the practice.

The administration's move to block applications and shorten renewals are a blow to the DACA program and DACA recipients. Homeland Security officials indicate that they are still considering several factors related to the outcome of the program. Expect to see challenges to this most recent memo from advocacy organizations.

For a history of DACA's challenges under the Trump administration:

Dr. David Holbrook

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