Initial Insights from the 2024 Nationwide McKinney-Vento Study - ARP Funding

By Phillip Smith | July 12, 2024

We’re excited to present the latest insights from our second annual Nationwide McKinney-Vento Study. The inaugural survey was the first of its kind dedicated to identifying key information about how McKinney-Vento liaisons nationwide and how they serve students and families in need. The study report provided many insights, including how school districts nationwide lack fundamental tools such as student case management software

Here are just a few initial insights related to ARP funding gathered from this year's study.   

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Making A Positive Impact For McKinney-Vento-Qualified Students

By Ken Fisher | May 17, 2023

It can be overwhelming for a homeless liaison to manage their workload without knowing which students are eligible for McKinney-Vento support.

The COVID-19 pandemic added to the challenges that homeless liaisons face on a daily basis. With students attending school irregularly, it became incrementally more difficult to provide them with the necessary services for which they were eligible.

In the webinar Making a Positive Impact on McKinney-Vento Qualified Studentspresented on May 4, TransACT's Phillip Smith was joined by Debbie DiAnni, McKinney-Vento Liaison for the School City of Hammond, and Heidi Reang, District Homeless Liaison with Oregon’s Tigard-Tualatin School District. Together they discussed practical approaches to meeting common challenges associated with tracking McKinney-Vento students and how they've successfully leveraged technology to overcome these challenges. 

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Student SupportTracker: Improving Communication with District Homeless Liaisons

By Phillip Smith | January 5, 2022

Student SupportTracker (SST) improves communication with district homeless liaisons to support at-risk student groups. 

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Supporting Students Experiencing Homelessness and Foster Care Students

By Phillip Smith | September 17, 2021

This blog was updated on July 25th, 2023.

Students experiencing homelessness are most likely in foster care, and when students in foster care age out of the system, they often end up being identified as students experiencing homelessness.  

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