Data Collection Made Easy: ActPoint KPI Simple Survey


ActPoint KPI is a data intelligence tool that school district business and operations leaders around the country use to measure, compare and manage their performance on over 500 Key Performance Indicators related to Finance, Operations, Information Technology and Human Resources.

ActPoint KPI’s genesis was in 2004, when the Council of the Great City Schools created a project to find metrics that districts around the nation used to measure business and operations performance. One of the key components of this project was creating an annual survey all districts could use. The survey had to:

  • Use terminology familiar to any district in the nation
  • Ask for data any district in the nation can find
  • Clear enough to ensure districts are providing the same data from state to state

As part of our ongoing commitment to support district leaders in increasing the efficiency of their operations by providing access to transparent data, we continuously make improvements based on customer feedback. Recently, customers expressed concern with the level of detail needed to complete the annual survey.

In October, we released a streamlined version of the annual survey which reduced the amount of data needed on many of our subscriptions by more than 50 percent. The new streamlined approach provides the same KPI results with half the data gathering.

KPI New Survey.png

To see the new streamlined surveys, contact your account manager or request a demo.

About The Author

Phillip leads the ActPoint KPI team and leverages his extensive software and education industry experience to build innovative solutions for many of TransACT's educational industry customers and partners. Phillip also leads the ActPoint KPI and Council of Great City Schools (CGCS) partnership to enable school business and operations leaders to track and compare non-academic metrics with the goal of continuous improvement. Since its launch, ActPointKPI has supported 100s of school business leaders nationwide in their quest to reduce costs and drive resources to where they are needed most: the classroom.