NAELPA Publishes White Paper on Having an Asset-Based Mindset Toward Multilingual Learners


The National Association of English Learner Program Administrators’ (NAELPA) Advocating for Multilingual Learners Committee recently posted a brief white paper, The Importance of an Asset-Based Mindset and Using Asset-Based Terminology when Referencing the ESSA Subgroup – ELs. The white paper summarizes the results of the committee’s research on this topic.

The research included more than a year-long project where the committee conducted a review of literature, interviews with educators, gleanings from a conference panel discussion, and the personal experiences of committee members. The white paper is available for download on the NAELPA Advocating for Multilingual Learners webpage. 

Upcoming Conferences with NAELPA Presentations

Members of NAELPA will also be presenting the results from the white paper at two upcoming conferences: 

  • The WIDA Conference on Wednesday, September 28, 2022, starting at 10:15 am ET. 
  • The National ESEA Conference, the first week of February 2023.  

If you are attending the WIDA Conference, be sure to check out the NAELPA presentation, download the white paper, or plan to attend their presentation at the National ESEA Conference. For questions, contact NAELPA at 

Alyssa Thornley

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