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Supporting ESSA compliance with a mobile-centric, secure, trackable, integrated, and inclusive update

We are launching significantly enhanced features and capabilities to the TransACT® ParentNotices interface. This is the next step in our overall mission to provide state departments of education, school district administrators, and local teachers with the latest technology to help manage compliance with parent and family engagement laws under ESSA, Section 504, and IDEA, as well as in service to students and families throughout our communities. 

TransACT ParentNotices is an online subscription to federally required or recommended notices, written by a team of state and local federal programs directors, legally reviewed, and translated into priority languages to provide equitable access to school-to-home communications for all student populations.  We began more than 24 years ago in partnership with a local school district who had issues accessing professional translators after a recent growth in the Korean population.

The next generation TransACT ParentNotices Parent Engagement Platform debuting in 2020 will include:

Updated interface and Search Capability

Mobile-Friendly Delivery and Signature Collection

    • Reach staff and parents with push notifications on mobile devices, and allow them to respond from the device of their choice 

Parent Engagement Dashboard

    • Easily track which parents have opened, started, and completed the notifications that you or your team have delivered

Integration with Student Information System (SIS)

    • Auto-fill forms with student and parent contact information 
    • Deliver federally required forms and notifications to the accurate and most-up-to-date guardian

Automated Approval Workflows 

    • Administrators can automate the review and approval of notifications and forms before they are delivered to parents and families

The updates to TransACT ParentNotices will improve the sending, tracking, receiving, completing, and submitting of school-to-home communications and forms by parents, teachers, and administrators. To preview the updates coming to TransACT ParentNotices, schedule a quick demo with a member of our team.


About The Author

Paige Kummer is the marketing specialist for TransACT Communications. Her previous experience includes working as the Deputy of Communication in the Texas House of Representatives during an active session as well as a Customer Success Manager for a fin-tech startup. She utilizes her knowledge of social media, software as a service (SaaS), and love of learning to grow TransACT’s social media footprint across all 12 brands serving both K-12 and post-secondary education institutions. Paige also works as an account manager for the ActPoint KPI, which supports district and state business leaders nationwide in their efforts to manage costs and drive resources back to the classroom.