The Indiana Department of Education Collaborates with TransACT For ESSA Implementation Support


To help with Parent and Family Engagement requirements under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and to meet the Civil Rights obligations of schools in working with Limited English Proficient (LEP) families and English Learner (EL) students across the state of Indiana, leaders in the Indiana Department of Education are partnering with TransACT® Parent Notices. The new partnership, which started in June of 2018, provides all 467 local education agencies representing thousands of schools and teachers with unlimited access to expertly written parent notifications that meet legal requirements and guidance on required audiences, and recommended timelines.

“Parent engagement and effective communication are vital to our Indiana schools,” says Nathan Williamson, Director of Title Grants and Support. “The Indiana Department of Education is proud to partner with TransACT to make this process more efficient and cost-effective. Parents are a valuable partner as we are working together for student success. We are excited to bring a new tool to educators to improve communication processes required under the Every Student Succeeds Act in a multitude of languages to serve our diverse student population.”

TransACT Parent Notices is an online subscription service which provides over 6,000 local education agencies and 10 State Departments of Education with federally compliant parent notification in multiple languages, as well as guidance and resources for compliance with federal parent and family engagement requirements. For over 20 years, TransACT has provided education agencies with parent notifications and other resources that are written by current and former education administrators with experience in federal programs, and then legally reviewed where applicable by ESEA (ESSA) legal experts. Providing this service across the state reduces the amount of time and money that individual schools or districts need to spend creating, legally reviewing and translating the same federally required documents repeatedly.

TransACT Executive Director of Federal Compliance and State Relationships, Dr. David Holbrook said, “Through our partnership with the Indiana Department of Education, educators and administrators throughout the state of Indiana will have an easy-to-use resource to support them in meeting the letter and the spirit of the law when working with parents, particularly the parents of English Learners." 

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Alyssa Thornley

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Alyssa Thornley has spent her career working to support schools and communities in providing opportunity to all students. In positions as a teacher, professional development coordinator, and as a volunteer, she has focused on the community’s role in education, and in designing efficient programs that work for diverse needs. Alyssa leads TransACT’s customer engagement and market strategy efforts, and works to ensure innovative programs, guidance, and thought leadership from across the country’s districts are being shared and spread.