Parent Notices product update: changes to the Summary, Checklist & Timelines parent notice tracking tool


"Parent Notifications Summary, Checklist & Timelines" is a resource to help educators identify the important parent notification distribution, timelines, and responsibilities. This document is provided to TransACT ParentNotices customers with an active subscription to the ESEA (ESSA) ParentNotices Collection. In August of 2018, this resource was updated with a new title and guidance.

The title of the document number "ACCT-A3" has changed from "Parent Notifications Summary, Checklist & Timelines" to "Stakeholder Notifications Summary, Checklist & Timelines". The reasons for the changes are:

  • Not all notifications provided in the ESEA (ESSA) ParentNotices Collection are designed to be sent to parents. Certain notices (such as the Private School Consultation Notices and several others) are designed for other ESEA stakeholders.
  • Additional clarification was added regarding the 'required vs. allowable' sections of the document.

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Dr. David Holbrook

About The Author

Dr. David Holbrook is a nationally recognized leader in federal programs administration and monitoring with expertise in Title I, Title III, Native American Education, and Federal Programs. Dr. Holbrook has also worked as a consultant with Title III of the US Department of Education and now serves as Executive Director, Federal Compliance and State Relationships with TransAct.