TransAct Sets New Standard with Real-Time Data for Student Transportation


At the TAPT Conference & Trade Show on June 21, 2024, we announced a groundbreaking advancement in student transportation management. With our transportation management platform, EZTransportation, you can now access real-time intelligence, setting a new standard for communication accuracy, transparency, and proactivity.  

Read the full press release: TransAct Announces Revolutionary Real-Time Intelligence Capabilities for Student Transportation

Enhancing Communication and Safety with Real-Time Intelligence

The introduction of real-time intelligence capabilities marks a significant leap forward in student transportation. Districts can now immediately access crucial data related to student locations, route changes, and transportation delays, enhancing student safety and increasing parent trust. Real-time intelligence enables:

  • Easily access information on student bus check-ins and check-offs as well as pick-up and drop-off locations
  • Accurately predict bus arrival times in the event of last-minute changes to planned routes so that parents and schools can be proactively notified
  • Provide accurate turn-by-turn directions to bus drivers on-the-fly when route adjustments have to be made due to an unexpected driver call-out or mechanical issue

Trip Preparation - Real-Time Notifications

Easily send real-time trip preparation notifications.

Breaking Free from Legacy Systems

Traditional transportation systems have long relied on outdated syncing methods, hampering districts' ability to communicate effectively and accurately. This limitation often resulted in delays, miscommunication, and compromised safety. EZTransportation disrupts the status quo by offering a modern, integrated solution that leverages artificial intelligence and real-time data, thereby transforming school districts' ability to use their data in real-time.

A Word from TransAct’s CEO

Nate Brogan, CEO of TransAct, expressed his enthusiasm about this pioneering development:

“We’re thrilled to be the first to offer true real-time intelligence capabilities to school districts. Student safety and maintaining parent trust are paramount in today’s world. EZTransportation makes this immediate insight available whenever it is needed, enabling transportation professionals to more easily and effectively deliver on their mission.”

About EZTransportation

EZTransportation is a comprehensive transportation management platform designed specifically for K-12 school districts. By integrating AI, the platform streamlines various aspects of transportation management, including:

  • Program Planning and Scheduling: Optimize routes and schedules for efficiency.
  • Daily Route Management: Monitor and adjust routes in real-time.
  • Driver Time Tracking: Ensure accurate logging of driver hours.
  • Communication: Enhance interactions between schools, drivers, and parents.
  • Fleet Maintenance: Maintain vehicles to ensure safety and reliability.
  • Activity Trip Coordination: Simplify the management of extracurricular transportation.

Tablets - List of Stops

Updated turn-by-turn directions can be immediately pushed to a driver if last-minute route changes occur.

All of this functionality is available within a single, user-friendly system. In an age where every moment counts and safety is paramount, TransAct’s real-time intelligence for student transportation is a game-changer, setting a new standard for operational excellence in school districts nationwide.

About TransAct

For over 25 years, TransAct Communications has been a trusted provider of software solutions aimed at streamlining operations and improving compliance in educational institutions. Serving more than 30 State Departments of Education and over 5,100 school districts nationwide, TransAct’s suite of software solutions is pivotal in reducing operational complexity, enhancing communication, and ensuring the safety and effectiveness of student services.

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