TransACT ParentNotices Partners with GG4L to Support Additional Integrations for K-12


TransACT ParentNotices supports compliance with federal Parent and Family Engagement Requirements under ESEA (ESSA), Section 504, and IDEA with expertly written and pre-translated mobile-friendly notifications that are written by federal programs experts. A subscription to ParentNotices includes unlimited, district-wide access to our federally compliant notifications and parent engagement guidance. 

ParentNotices allows you to:

  • deliver federally compliant parent notifications in a language parents can understand
  • demonstrate evidence of implementation in the event of a monitoring visit
  • store and standardize existing parent engagement forms
  • create new forms and automate approval workflows
  • integrate class roster data from a student information system (SIS) to ensure delivery to the correct roster, up-to-date guardian, and in the guardian's preferred language
  • send forms to parents and families on any device
  • collect digital signatures when required

The Global Grid for Learning (GG4L) is a membership-based, K-12 Collaborative of Schools, Technology Vendors, and Corporate Sponsors who advocate open industry standards, compliance with student data privacy regulations, and the use of industry best practices as they participate in GG4L impact initiatives to deploy innovative, managed improvement programs.

TransACT has partnered with Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation, as a member, using School Passport® for roster data integration. The partnership provides the school districts and departments of education we serve:

  • Increased student information system (SIS) compatibility through API
  • Easier, faster integration with SIS roster data, alleviating the burden on IT departments
  • Improved accuracy of data and reporting 
  • Near real-time access to SIS-generated information 

SIS roster data integration through the partnership between TransACT and GG4L is available to those with an active subscription to AfterSchool21 or ParentNotices. GG4L is an experienced SIS partner trusted by some of the leading tech companies involved in the education sector, including: 

  • AWS 
  • Google 
  • IBM Cloud 
  • Lightspeed Systems 
  • IMS Global Learning Consortium

Who should I contact to integrate my SIS through GG4L? 
End users with active subscriptions to TransACT ParentNotices from their district or State Department of Education can contact support to request more information about SIS integration through GG4L. 

About TransACT Communications: 
Guided by a team with an extensive background in ESEA (NCLB/ESSA) compliance leadership, K-12 education services, and management experience at Fortune 100 companies, we provide thousands of K-12 organizations and 18+ state departments of education with software and expertise to manage federal and state-level compliance, communication, and operations more efficiently. We succeed when your team has more time and budget to engage parents and impact students in the classroom. 

Learn about our other work in transportation tracking, Title IV Part B and after-school program data management, homeless student service tracking, school generated funds reconciliation, and website portal capabilities.

About Global Grid for Learning (GG4L), a Public Benefit Corporation:
GG4L is a membership-based collaborative that is free of charge to education institutions and available for a modest annual membership fee to any edtech organization. GG4L leverages its integration platform to create purpose-built integrated ecosystems of edtech solutions, aimed at specific impact initiatives, which could be easily implemented, validated, and sustained financially for schools, as they together drive school improvement. To date, hundreds of edtech organizations, serving hundreds of thousands of schools globally, have joined as GG4L members and agreed to GG4L’s membership pledge to advocate for open data interoperability standards, secure data exchange, and strict student data privacy compliance. For more information, refer to

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