Bridging Language Gaps: Engaging Multilingual Parents in School Districts with Afghan and Ukrainian Families


An increasing number of Afghan and Ukrainian families are entering U.S. school districts as immigrants and refugees. Integrating these newcomers poses unique challenges, among them the critical task of effective communication between the school and parents. Communication is a cornerstone for student success; however, language barriers often act as a stumbling block for meaningful interaction with parents from non-English speaking backgrounds. 

As our student body becomes increasingly diverse, there is no better time to take a proactive approach to parent communication, especially in their own languages.

Why Proactive Multilingual Communication Matters 

Inclusive communication not only facilitates a smooth transition for newcomers but also aids in fostering a supportive learning environment. Schools are required to provide essential notices and updates to parents in a format and language that they can understand. This is not merely a best practice, but a legal obligation under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) and Civil Rights laws

Your One-Stop Solution: ParentNotices by TransAct 

ParentNotices offers an all-in-one solution for meeting compliance-related communication requirements. With just a click, you gain instant access to a vast library of expertly written and translated notices, including forms translated into Pashto, Dari, and Ukrainian. Our platform seamlessly integrates with Student Information Systems (SIS) roster data, ensuring accurate and efficient communication. Whether it’s a smartphone, tablet, desktop, or laptop, our PDF delivery is compatible with all devices. Our expert guidance and custom reports will also ensure your Parent and Family Engagement communications are always compliant 

Expert Insights: On-Demand Webinar 

For those seeking in-depth knowledge and strategies to improve language support and parent engagement, watch our on-demand webinar featuring Dr. David Holbrook, Executive Director of Federal Compliance and State Relationships with TransAct. In this insightful webinar, Dr. Holbrook: 

  1. Identifies notices that are necessary to meet ESSA compliance requirements 
  2. Provides guidance on required vs. necessary notices 
  3. Reviews TransAct’s GenEd and ESSA collection notifications

Key Takeaways from the Webinar:

  1. Understanding Legal Requirements: Navigate the labyrinth of federal laws and guidelines related to multilingual communication. 
  2. Culturally Responsive Engagement: Learn strategies for effectively engaging parents from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds. 
  3. Inclusive Notifications: A detailed look at TransAct’s comprehensive library of notices, including those translated into Pashto, Dari, and Ukrainian to accommodate the specific needs of Afghan and Ukrainian families. 

Final Thoughts 

As educators and administrators, you facilitate an inclusive environment where every child can succeed. By leveraging tools and strategies like those offered by ParentNotices and staying informed through educational resources like our on-demand webinar, you can ensure that you meet all your students and their families' educational and emotional needs. 

For more information on how ParentNotices can support your school district's multilingual communication requirements, contact us today. 👇


Make inclusivity a standard, not an exception. 


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