Health and Immunization Notifications Made Easy


As the academic year progresses, there's one season that every school and district anticipates with trepidation — the cold and flu season. It's a time when health takes center stage, and effective communication becomes critical. Districts turn to ParentNotices by TransACT to assist them in communicating with parents during this demanding season. 


Navigating Cold and Flu Season

As we enter the cold and flu season, effective communication between schools and parents becomes crucial. Promptly informing parents about emergencies or illnesses is essential in ensuring the health and safety of students. That's where ParentNotices comes in. 

The most commonly used notifications in ParentNotices are the health-related notifications in our General Education Collection. These notices are used by secretaries, nurses, and school staff to promptly inform parents during health-related situations. These notifications cover various health topics, including immunization, infectious diseases, medical conditions, health education, physical examinations for sports, and medication administration. 

Another frequently used form is the Student Health Letter. This letter serves as a friendly reminder for parents to keep their children at home if they exhibit symptoms of a communicable disease. It's typically distributed at the beginning of the school year and once again after the December holiday break.  

Pre-Written, Translated Notifications


Effective communication starts with reaching parents in their primary language. However, the complexities of language diversity and federal regulations related to parent and family engagement can often create both operational and financial barriers for administrators. That's where ParentNotices comes in. 

All notifications in ParentNotices are professionally translated into over 20 languages by qualified translators who are well-versed in education terminology. These translations are written in clear and concise language, ensuring that the intended message is accurately conveyed to parents.

Each notice comes with a helpful description, guidance on when to use it, and special instructions when needed. You even have the option to send notifications electronically, even to mobile phones, and collect electronic signatures, enabling fast and efficient responses. Learn more about how we help manage parent and family engagement compliance.

Empowering Schools with ParentNotices

ParentNotices can help you keep your parents informed and your students healthy and in school, which can positively impact learning and student performance. Make sure your district staff is sending timely, accurately translated notifications to keep your parents informed and supportive of their children’s education. 

Contact us today to learn how ParentNotices can help your district more easily and cost-effectively provide commonly used or federally-required Parent Engagement communications to your parents. 


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