Easily Add Zoom and Teams Meeting Link to ParentNotices


TransACT ParentNotices subscribers get unlimited access for all district users to over 200 expertly written and translated parent notifications. These notices have been legally reviewed (where applicable) to comply with federal education laws and are regularly updated to remain current with changes. ParentNotices supports administrators in a compliant parent and family engagement plan and can serve as evidence of implementation in the event of a state monitoring visit, ensuring districts have genuine support when they need it most.   

Easily Share Meeting URLs with Parents in a PDF Notification

zoom-microsoft-teams-1The October 2021 ParentNotices update (available Oct. 25th) provides users with the capability to easily add a hyperlink to an online meeting (Teams, Zoom) when sending forms to a parent electronically. The links to the meeting are clickable, meaning the parent can join the meeting with a simple click. This feature is also easy to apply: 

  • When creating a form to send to parents, the teacher or staff member chooses the option to fill in and send, then paste the Microsoft Teams or Zoom meeting link into the appropriate form field 
  • Parents can click the meeting link within the PDF notice to join the meeting, making the process of setting up a parent meeting more efficient 

If you need help uploading staff, parents, students, or schools into your ParentNotices account, creating forms, or including the Zoom or Teams meeting link on a form, contact support@transact.com. 

Pre-select Parent's Preferred Languages

Parents and families can now interact better with their student’s school when receiving initial notices or forms. To meet federal and civil rights requirements, school administrators must provide parent communications in a language parents can understand.  

Now, school staff in districts that subscribe to ParentNotices can pre-select the parent’s preferred language before sending the form. Before this update, notices were sent to parents in English until the parent updated their profile to switch their preferred language. These improvements to ParentNotices make complying with parent and family engagement requirements easier.

  • Parent rosters are put into the ParentNotices system so parents can receive notices electronically and provide an e-signature if required 
  • School staff pull the information on preferred languages from their Student Information System (SIS) 
  • Parents access the form via Parent-View, which is compatible with multiple device types (mobile, tablet, computer) 
  • Particularly for families whose primary language is not English, this improvement allows schools to support them, giving them access to school communications 

For more information about delivering parent communications in a distance or hybrid learning environment, building your own forms, and connecting student roster SIS data, request a demonstration of ParentNotices. 


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