TransAct Announces Joint Venture with Geo Data Intelligence Corporation/EZRouting

This new partnership accelerates the adoption and reach of a next-generation student transportation platform that will streamline school operations, drive savings and improve student safety. 


TransAct, a leader in operational and compliance software for the education sector, today announced that it has finalized a joint venture agreement with Geo Data Intelligence Corporation to bring a category-leading transportation management platform, EZTransportation, to the K-12 education market. 

As part of this agreement, TransAct will acquire Geo Data Intelligence Corporation’s AI-enabled EZRouting product technology, formerly also sold under the TravelTracker-Routing name by TransAct. The EZRouting product will continue to be offered and supported through the joint venture as a key component of the EZTransportation platform.

This new relationship leverages the substantial strengths of both firms, combining Geo Data Intelligence Corporation’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by school district transportation teams and advanced product development capabilities with TransAct’s go-to-market expertise and exceptional customer service, to the ultimate benefit of school districts across the country. 

EZTransportation is a leading-edge, comprehensive transportation management platform designed specifically for K-12 school districts. Using EZTransportation, districts can leverage AI to efficiently and effectively manage their transportation program planning and scheduling, daily route management, driver time tracking, school and parent communication, fleet maintenance, activity trip coordination and more, all within a single integrated system. 

“We are tremendously excited about not only the impact this new relationship with Geo Data Intelligence Corporation will have on the student transportation sector as a whole, but the tangible benefits this comprehensive new transportation platform will provide to school districts. EZTransportation is not only going to eliminate many of the challenges inherent in student transportation but also help transportation professionals to streamline their processes, saving both time and money and increasing student safety,” stated Nate Brogan, chief executive officer at TransAct.

"I am thrilled to form a strong partnership with TransAct. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for us to combine our strengths, expertise, and visions. I believe that together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and create a lasting impact on school transportation. I am eager to embark on this journey with the TransAct team, confident that our shared dedication and synergy will lead us to even greater success,” commented Jason Wang, CEO of Geo Data Intelligence Corporation.

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