4 Benefits of Compliance Software for School Districts


In today’s progressively diverse districts, it is increasingly complicated for school systems to ensure compliance with the federal communication and language requirements for parent notices, school forms, campus-wide signs, and important school-to-home messaging. An education compliance solution such as TransACT Parent Notices provides school and district staff with instant access to compliant communications in priority languages to improve district communications, compliance, and parent and family engagement.

Below we review four different ways that school districts can benefit from using compliance software.

1. Comply with ESSA/EL requirements

Under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA), responsibilities for English learners and parent engagement have dramatically shifted. Compliance software offers notices and forms in various languages to help school systems comply with ESSA requirements and provide easy access to district-approved parent notices. Notifications are written by experts in federal education compliance to ensure alignment with federal requirements. School districts can also receive guidance for communicating required information to parents of English Learners to ensure that families are up to date and able to engage.

2. Manage district documentation

Compliance software enables school districts to standardize content from users across all departments. This provides the quality control that schools need, helping to ensure that all district communications are consistent and compliant. Handbooks, school calendars, and other district documentation can also be made available to users in any language. So when a document needs to go across the school, district, or state, the process is as simple as uploading and posting content instantaneously. 

3. Send campus-wide notifications

School districts today need to provide all families with equal access to school services. Compliance software allows teachers and school administrators to communicate with parents and families in all priority languages. Campus-wide notifications, forms, and signs are instantly available to ensure that school-to-home communications meet standards for communicating across different languages. Access to parent notices also helps districts save significantly on translators and translation services by reducing the need for repeated translations on commonly used school forms.

4. Access 504 and IDEA forms

Another benefit to compliance software is the ability to access Section 504 parent notices in multiple languages. This helps school districts align with Section 504 and IDEA 2004 requirements and receive instant access to expertly written guidance on communicating with parents of students with disabilities. Remove barriers to improve family engagement and help 504 and IDEA staff spend more time with students with the help of a compliance solution.

Compliance software provides districts with unlimited access to school communications in priority languages to align with federal requirements. This allows for the consolidation of all district documentation for quality control, compliance assessments that help districts recognize when to send specific communications based on unique circumstances, and considerable cost savings on translation services.

With compliance software and an effective communication strategy in place, school districts and out-of-school-time programs can also increase parent engagement by providing notifications in all priority languages. Download our guide on Creating a Compliant Parent Communication Strategy in Multiple Languages to learn how to create an effective parent communication strategy that complies with federal requirements.

Creating a compliant parent communication strategy in multiple languages

Alyssa Thornley

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