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TransAct Announces Joint Venture with Geo Data Intelligence Corporation/EZRouting

By TransAct | February 13, 2024
This new partnership accelerates the adoption and reach of a next-generation student transportation platform that will streamline school operations, drive savings and improve student safety. 


TransAct, a leader in operational and compliance software for the education sector, today announced that it has finalized a joint venture agreement with Geo Data Intelligence Corporation to bring a category-leading transportation management platform, EZTransportation, to the K-12 education market. 

As part of this agreement, TransAct will acquire Geo Data Intelligence Corporation’s AI-enabled EZRouting product technology, formerly also sold under the TravelTracker-Routing name by TransAct. The EZRouting product will continue to be offered and supported through the joint venture as a key component of the EZTransportation platform.

This new relationship leverages the substantial strengths of both firms, combining Geo Data Intelligence Corporation’s deep understanding of the challenges faced by school district transportation teams and advanced product development capabilities with TransAct’s go-to-market expertise and exceptional customer service, to the ultimate benefit of school districts across the country. 

EZTransportation is a leading-edge, comprehensive transportation management platform designed specifically for K-12 school districts. Using EZTransportation, districts can leverage AI to efficiently and effectively manage their transportation program planning and scheduling, daily route management, driver time tracking, school and parent communication, fleet maintenance, activity trip coordination and more, all within a single integrated system. 

“We are tremendously excited about not only the impact this new relationship with Geo Data Intelligence Corporation will have on the student transportation sector as a whole, but the tangible benefits this comprehensive new transportation platform will provide to school districts. EZTransportation is not only going to eliminate many of the challenges inherent in student transportation but also help transportation professionals to streamline their processes, saving both time and money and increasing student safety,” stated Nate Brogan, chief executive officer at TransAct.

"I am thrilled to form a strong partnership with TransAct. This collaboration presents a unique opportunity for us to combine our strengths, expertise, and visions. I believe that together, we can achieve remarkable outcomes and create a lasting impact on school transportation. I am eager to embark on this journey with the TransAct team, confident that our shared dedication and synergy will lead us to even greater success,” commented Jason Wang, CEO of Geo Data Intelligence Corporation.

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About Geo Data Intelligence Corporation
With senior leadership’s over 50 years of combined experience in the student transportation and mapping industry, GDIC has quickly made a name for itself with revolutionary modernized routing software that empowers the industry with a platform that is adaptable and customizable. Our cloud-based systems have been used in over 300 school districts, serving more than 1 million students. Utilizing these solutions, districts have been able to streamline their operations, effectively manage driver shortage issues, consolidate routing operations and greatly improve communication with parents/guardians. For additional information, please visit 

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TransAct Welcomes EdTech Veteran Nate Brogan as CEO

By TransAct | February 1, 2024
Nate Brogan, a well-regarded public sector business leader with global experience and a significant track record of success, joins following significant investment in products by PGF-backed TransAct.


TransAct, a leader in operational and compliance software for the education sector, today announced that as part of its strategic plan to accelerate growth, Nate Brogan has been appointed chief executive officer (CEO) and member of the board of directors. Nate, who most recently served as COO of Intrado, has extensive experience in the education and government sectors, having spent 20 years driving the growth of SchoolMessenger, where his customer focus took the K12 communication platform from a handful of clients to more than 60,000 schools. Nate’s business leadership will focus on strategic execution across TransAct’s portfolio of proven EdTech solutions.

“We are thrilled to have Nate join TransAct and drive this new era of growth,” said Dan Lombard, managing partner at PGF. “His values are a perfect match for the strong culture of TransAct, and his track record of building value in EdTech platforms, as evidenced most recently by the sale of SchoolMessenger for $300M, is second to none.”

Nate joins TransAct following a significant investment by PGF in TransAct’s product portfolio. This investment is driving the launch of a new AI-enhanced transportation management platform and updated versions of TransAct’s industry-leading at-risk student case management and afterschool program management products. Other industry-leading solutions include BoardOnTrack, Out-of-SchoolTime Tracker and ParentNotices.

“TransAct is well established, with a base of 25,000 school clients and an innovative pedigree,” said Mr. Brogan. “I am particularly impressed by the passion the employees bring to delivering for their clients every day and by the commitment the board has made to product leadership. It is an honor to have been asked to join the team and build upon this solid foundation.”

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About Nate Brogan
Nate Brogan has spent 25 years leading growth in successful public sector companies. His experience includes leadership in organizations of all sizes, from startup to Fortune 1000 public company to PE-backed with multiple successful exits. He started as employee #1 at EdTech leader SchoolMessenger, growing the K12 communication platform from a handful of clients to more than 60,000 schools. More recently he served in various leadership roles at Intrado, including COO, where he oversaw go-to-market and global service delivery for a portfolio of lifesaving services counted on by millions. Nate holds a Bachelor of Economics (Cum Laude) from Oregon State University.

About PGF
PGF is a software-focused, specialized affiliate fund of Polaris Partners, a Boston-based private investment firm with two decades of technology and healthcare investing experience. Polaris has offices in Boston, San Francisco and New York. For more information visit:

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Health and Immunization Notifications Made Easy

By TransAct | October 24, 2023

As the academic year progresses, there's one season that every school and district anticipates with trepidation — the cold and flu season. It's a time when health takes center stage, and effective communication becomes critical. Districts turn to ParentNotices by TransACT to assist them in communicating with parents during this demanding season. 

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Back-to-School Bus Safety Tips

By TransAct | September 29, 2023
The familiar ring of the school bell, the sight of colorful backpacks, and the buzz of school buses on the roads – yes, it's that time of the year again! As students enthusiastically head back to their classrooms, there's an urgent need to prioritize safety around school buses. Here's a comprehensive guide that you can share with your district's parents to ensure the safety of your students on their way to and from school.
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Bridging Language Gaps: Engaging Multilingual Parents in School Districts with Afghan and Ukrainian Families

By TransAct | September 7, 2023

An increasing number of Afghan and Ukrainian families are entering U.S. school districts as immigrants and refugees. Integrating these newcomers poses unique challenges, among them the critical task of effective communication between the school and parents. Communication is a cornerstone for student success; however, language barriers often act as a stumbling block for meaningful interaction with parents from non-English speaking backgrounds. 

As our student body becomes increasingly diverse, there is no better time to take a proactive approach to parent communication, especially in their own languages.

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