ParentNotices Users Can Resend a Notice and Hide a RoadMap


TransACT ParentNotices staff users can now better serve parents and families who haven’t responded to a notice sent to them.  

TransACT ParentNotices users can better serve parents and families who haven’t responded to a notice sent to them. The recent feature release provides a pair of improvements to often-used features: 1) Staff users can now electronically resend a notice to parents and 2) district administrators can hide a RoadMap linked to a notice that doesn’t apply to their district.

Resend Electronically Sent Notices 

Educators can resend a notice electronically to parents who may have omitted information or didn’t respond when the notice was sent out initially. Resending is a valuable time-saver for educators using ParentNotices who actively send notices to their families using the Parent-View portal, especially those working in a district with Student Information System integration. 

A teacher or staff member can look at any notice sent electronically to see who has not responded or, if the notice is complete. If it’s not complete, they can follow up with the parent on missing information.  

Hide RoadMaps = Save Time  

State or district administrative users can now turn off an ESSA RoadMap when they review the notices that schools in a district want to send out. With the ability to hide RoadMaps, administrators don’t spend time completing one when it doesn't apply to them.  

For example, if a district doesn’t send out notices regarding Direct Student Services, they can hide the RoadMap associated with those notices. Or, if the district doesn’t need migrant education notices, they don’t need the migrant education RoadMap. 

  • RoadMaps use a series of yes/no questions to guide educators through determining which parent notices are required to send out in a particular time period or situation 
  • Completed RoadMaps produce a customized Summary Report that includes all the questions, the answers to questions, and the list of recommended notifications  

ParentNotices is parent engagement software that school districts and state education departments use to support compliant and equitable parent engagement. ParentNotices subscribers can access over 200 expertly written and translated notices that are legally reviewed where applicable to comply with federal education laws. ParentNotices supports administrators in a compliant parent engagement plan and can serve as evidence of implementation in the event of a state monitoring visit. 


Alyssa Thornley

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