ParentNotices Administrators Needed: Self-Onboarding Tips & FAQ


TransACT recently added a Self-Onboarding feature to the ParentNotices login page. We are excited about this new feature because it takes most of the responsibility of creating accounts for educators in their District off those staff who have the role of ParentNotices Administrator.  

We have simplified a process that required ParentNotices Administrators to manually create accounts and invite educators in their District that wanted or needed an account to click a link in an email and approve a request. It is important to emphasize that, even though it takes less effort, it still requires action from a ParentNotices Administrator. 

For a Self-Onboarding request to be approved, a district must have at least one “Verified” ParentNotices Administrator that can log into ParentNotices and approve or deny requests. 

What if I completed Self-Onboarding, but after two days, no one has approved my request? 

Contact one or more of your District’s ParentNotices Administrators and ask them to review and approve your self-onboarding request. If your District’s ParentNotices Administrator is unavailable or unresponsive, contact for assistance. 

What if I don’t know who my District’s ParentNotices Administrator is? 

Contact, and someone should be able to look up any educators in your District with the role of ParentNotices Administrator. Once you know who your District’s ParentNotices Administrators are, follow the steps in question 1 to have your account Verified. 

What if my District doesn’t have a Verified ParentNotices Administrator? 

Contact and ask them to help you set up an account. There may be someone in your District with the role of ParentNotices Administrator that has yet to Verify their account. If that is the case, ask TransACT Customer Service staff to reach out to encourage the person with the role of ParentNotices Administrator to Verify (activate) the educator’s account. You will need to follow up with if the person is unresponsive. 

What if no one is assigned the ParentNotices Administrator role in my District? 

For the Self-Onboarding process to work, a District must have a Verified ParentNotices Administrator. If no one is assigned the role of ParentNotices Administrator (or who has that role but is not willing or able to activate their account), contact and ask them to help you secure an account. You will likely be assigned the role of ParentNotices Administrator at that time. If others in your District should be assigned the role of ParentNotices Administrator, please contact them to ensure your District’s account is correctly set up in the ParentNotices system. 


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